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growth due to letting go

Structure in the factory, office and workshop

Inefficiently designed workplaces and missing structures cost a lot of time and therefore money. Tools, documents and data are searched for, during the break there is a discussion about the dishwashing service in the office kitchen: Time and energy is spent discussing office improvements, rather than focusing on your products and clients - which is money lost. Chaos in the workplace causes frustration. If every department - or even worse - every employee cooks up their own organizing soup, processes have to be interrupted again and again in order to understand and use the proper system.

Ordentlicher Arbeitsplatz
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20 minutes

a day are wasted searching

What could you achieve with more than 70 working hours per year and employee?


Standard operations should be absolute no-brainers. Only then can all employees concentrate on the main business: the development, provision and improvement of products and services.


Order is a real efficiency booster:


  • Distraction-free desks for concentrated work

  • Process optimization: short communication channels

  • Structured workflows: resources on hand when needed

  • standardized processes facilitate onboarding and vacation or sick leave

  • gradual digitization for more flexibility

  • Knowledge management

  • Clearly arranged warehouses avoid purchase errors

  • fewer inquiries thanks to visual identification

  • attractive and functional sales rooms for more customer satisfaction

  • more safety through open aisles

Lean processes - fat ideas

There are many reasons for poorly organized office and production processes: From the fear of losing creativity; Concerns about building up too large a bureaucratic apparatus up to the difficulty of implementing new structures and being able to convey them to employees. (For example, some employees fear that a tidy desk will make them look unproductive.)


An external tidiness expert can help here. In-house training can communicate the benefits that order provides. Workshops bring different players to the table in order to experience the advantages of order and to develop suitable structures together - according to the needs of everyone.


Warehouses, archives and individual workstations can be tidied up, structured and designed more efficiently with those responsible, if required. If everything has its place, everyone in the company can find what they're looking for - for example in the event of sick leave. Filing is done faster and processes can be traced effortlessly. How would it affect the motivation and efficiency of your employees if their desk only contained what is currently needed?

Aufräumen im Betrieb

Tidyness as a marketing tool

Where there is planing, chips fall! But do your customers need to see them? Tidy sales rooms and a structured reception area are the first impressions that visitors and customers get.


Imaging dropping your car off at the garage to have the brakes replaced. While you wait, you see the mechanic looking for another customer's vehicle registration document, only to find it under the newspaper next to the coffee machine. How will he handle your car?


But not only your reception desk and your sales room should reflect the quality of your work. Also your employees and the vehicles in which they are traveling.


This is where you can score and turn your customers into fans. You don't need miracles for that. All you have to do is make a better impression than your competitor.


what do you need for tidy work?

Lectures, seminars & webinars

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I discuss the objectives of the lecture with the decision-makers and impart basic knowledge on the topics of structure, order and systematization. I offer solutions to department- or industry-specific challenges and am available to answer individual questions.

from 300 €

In-house training & workshops

Workshop Ordnung Bad Saeckingen

Together as a team, we work out reasons for disorder, suitable solutions and sustainable new structures.

We agree on a realistic schedule to create order and set dates for future order.

from 500 €

Consulting desks, warehouse & POS

Ordnung Lager POS Desk

What does disorder cost you? Behind the scenes: incorrect purchases due to a messy warehouse, lost time looking for documents, etc. And visible to the outside world: How does your business affect visitors and customers?

My outside perspective provides effective solutions.

from 800 €

Angebotsanfrage Firmen

Your request

To receive a non-binding offer, simply fill out the form as a first step. In further communication, I will put together the ideal format for your target group.

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